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Switch back to AT&T


Switch back to AT&T

I recently switched to Verizon on black Friday due to a discount I get from work. I was with att for 6 years and had the unlimited data plan. Would it be possible to switch back and not pay the ETF to att and get my old plan back? Its been é days.
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Re: Switch back to AT&T

You can switch back yes, you can get the ETF refunded yes, unfortunately though once the account was cancelled (effectively once the port out was completed) any and or all grandfathered plans and features are no longer valid and you would have to select from the now currently offered features and or plans that AT&T has available.
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Re: Switch back to AT&T

Only 6 days and you want to switch back.. Verizon that terriable?

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Re: Switch back to AT&T

I've been with AT&T for about a dozen years (before they were Cingualr), I've looked into switching a few times, but never saw any advantage.  For my future reference would you tell me why you want to go back to AT&T?  I don't work for AT&T and have had a few beefs over the years, but next time I think about switching, your input might come in handy.  For me, AT&T are the least bad alternative, but I've never tried one of the low-cost (MVNO) carriers like Net10, but thought about that too.

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Re: Switch back to AT&T


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