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Suspending account and upgrade billing questions


Suspending account and upgrade billing questions

Hi, currently I am abroad and I would like to update my ancient iphone when I get back in the states. I was able to suspend my account for the past 4 months I've been abroad and pay a $10/month fee.


I was wondering if that same fee would be applicable if I update my smartphone by signing a 2yr contract then going abroad again for 4 months? Or would I have to pay extra because I would be on contract?

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Re: Suspending account and upgrade billing questions

Hello, philip1209!


Thanks for your post!


While your new contract would have no bearing on your ability to suspend your account while you study abroad, the fact that you have already temporarily suspended your account once in the last 12 months does.


There are other alternatives, however, including a set of plans specifically designed for study abroad. For more information about these plans, just click on the link below.


Study Abroad Plans


Enjoy your trip, and feel free to message me with any additional questions or concerns!



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