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Suddenly ineligible to upgrade after AT&T employee mistake?


Suddenly ineligible to upgrade after AT&T employee mistake?

I was in dire need of a new phone for a very long time, and my mother decided to upgrade from an iPhone 4 to a 5s. Then, at the last second, she decided she wanted a refurbished 5 since it was cheaper. She gave me the 5s instead of cancelling the order, however, and we did a cross-upgrade. Once the 5s arrived in the mail, however, it had a crack in the screen, so I returned it on December 19th, 2-3 days after it had arrived (I had been busy). I sent it using the return label, and it took 2 weeks for the return to FINALLY be processed (on January 2nd, or so). In the midst of its return, I had called several times to make sure my return was on its way/processing/in the warehouse. I did this because I had read many horror stories involving AT&T returns that never arrived, were processed MONTHS later, etc.


Somehow, by some absolutely ridiculous "miscommunication" (as quoted by a rep), one of the AT&T employees took it upon themselves to cancel my upgrade -entirely-. I never requested this, nor did I ever hint at such an idea. They knew perfectly well I wanted an unscathed iPhone returned immediately. I was then told that this cancellation could not be reversed, and I would have to wait until my money was refunded and the system processed the cancellation. Then, and only then, could I reorder my phone as an upgrade.


Unfortunately, I STILL could not order my phone. The most recent bill payment we made was on December 7th from the most recent paycheck. After I returned my phone (after December 19th), however, a due payment alert showed up on our account. That due payment, which came to exist after I upgraded my phone, does not allow me to sign up for the new upgrade again.


Why am I being punished for an employee's mistake? I have not had a phone for two weeks, and I placed my upgrade long before the past due alert ever showed up. I need a phone right now-- I am returning to college before we will be able to pay the balance and I need to stay in contact with my family at all times in case of emergencies. I find it ridiculously suspect to have my upgrade cancelled immediately following the past due alert. It feels like I'm being held down and forced to pay everything at once which I simply cannot do.


Is there nothing that can be done to rectify this situation? I am leaving tomorrow. We will pay everything, but we cannot at this very second, but I need my phone immediately.


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Re: Suddenly ineligible to upgrade after AT&T employee mistake?

Hello @RaphaelE95 


When you return a phone to a warehouse, they process it as a return and reverse the upgrade, it's a standard practice. Once the upgrade is reversed, you would need to perform another upgrade on that line to order a new phone, unfortunately it sounds like a past due balance is preventing you from doing that. An upgrade offer is only available for the account in good standing, with no past due balance, as soon as it clears you'll be able to order a new phone.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you,


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