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Stuck on Edge in Downtown Hartford, CT


Stuck on Edge in Downtown Hartford, CT

Not sure if anyone has any tips on reporting this, but in the last week or so I've noticed my phone dropping to Edge and sticking there. When I restart my phone (Nexus 5) or flip the APN back and forth it pops back to 4G with two bars. I thought it was me, but other co-workers of mine with AT&T have noticed the same issue and they have different phones (although all Android, they are different versions with varying ROMS)


Previously, when the 4G dropped it flipped the HSPA. So I'm not sure if a tower failed or the tower that had HSPA or LTE tower is overloaded?


On a more paranoid route, could it be someone emitting a strong signal overriding the tower's signal (either maliciously or not)? It is a public place in the middle of downtown so I wouldn't rule it out completely.


Anyways, wondering if there's a route to report this or am I stuck until someone does maintenance and figures out what broke?

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Re: Stuck on Edge in Downtown Hartford, CT

I am in the same boat, and so are a lot of my coworkers who also have ATT. Have had this issue for the past 10 days or so, very frustrating

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Re: Stuck on Edge in Downtown Hartford, CT

Hey guys, to report network issues, please use AT&T's Mark the Spot app on your phone.




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