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Spotty to No Service on Edwards AFB, CA


Spotty to No Service on Edwards AFB, CA

I have lived on Edwards AFB for a little over a year now and I am extremely disgusted with the quality of service on the base.  I am luck if I get 1 bar in my house, which I lose just as fast as I get, I cannot get any signal at work, and my drive to and from work of about 16 round trip usually consists  of at least 3 dropped/failed calls and as many as 12 in a 10 minute time frame.  If I am lucky enought to get a call to connect, the quality is horrible.  That the nice term for it.  I have tried having my phone reset, restored, disconnected and reconnected to the network, had a microcell, garbage, don't get one.  I have used the "Mark The Spot" and reported numerous issues.  I think I have actually submited a repsonse for every option through the app.  I have called AT&T and addressed my concern.  I have repeatedly asked for tickets.  I have repeatedly been told that a tower was going to be put on the base.  I have asked for any contact info for the people that plan or construct towers , and either been told they don't have any contact info or said they would email someone to try to get a response.  Verizon is the ONLY carrier that you can get any kind of good service with.  I have been with AT&T for over 5 years now, and I really don't want to have to switch simply because AT&T can't or won't put a tower on the base.  Verizon has a monopoly on the base, and it really sucks for those of us that don't like Verizon, or can't afford to switch.  I pay $230/mo for 2 lines and i really can't use my phone nearly enough to justify what I pay for it.  If I am lucky I can get a $50 courtesy credit every couple of months.  Big woop!  I sincerely hope that this thread goes as high up the chain as possible, so that someone that has the power can either put up at least one tower, or put up one heck of a fight trying. I LOVE AT&T, and I do not want to switch to another carrier.  Please someone help!!!!  I know that I am not the only one that would benefit from this addition of coverage.  If someone high enough reads this please email me directly with any response.  It would be greatly appreciated.  


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Re: Spotty to No Service on Edwards AFB, CA

I'm sorry you're not getting great service. I got your PM and will reply to it in just a moment. 


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Re: Spotty to No Service on Edwards AFB, CA

Even though some cellular-coverage websites show a AT&T cellular tower here at EAFB, the service is still spotty and data speeds are hit and miss as well.


I enabled the signal meter on my iPhone 4S and I see -97 to -130 dBm regularly.


Here is it July 2013 and Visalia-Porterville get 4G LTE, but we are still having issues with even having coverage at all.  Still no AT&T 4G LTE deployment in the entire Antelope Valley either!

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