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Smart Limits on smartphones


Smart Limits on smartphones

Several months ago my daughters both wanted to upgrade to smartphones.  I inquired about the smart limits option and was told that was not an option for smartphones, that was in July. I foolishly got them smartphones when they promised to be responsible.  Well, that did not happen. I made several calls to customer care regarding limiting their data usage and was told "they just need not to go over there data plan"  I even called in to find out what the ETF for their lines would be and customer care told me the amount but gave me no options to assist me.  I then called back the other day inquiring how the ETF (early termaination fee) would be billed.  It was at that time the rep suggested smart limits, I explained I had been told it doesn't work for smartphones, and the reply was it recently changed and can be added to smartphones. I did some investigating and found out the change occurred during the summer, but my local ATT salesperson could not remember the date the change rolled out.  I then called customer care and spoke with a rep, then a supervisor who then transferred me to another rep, who told me that a rerate wouldn't help me since the next data level is 5gb for$50, which is what my 3gb plan with 2 gb of overage cost me.  I asked him what date the change occurred and was rudely told " that is propriatary in nature we don't share that information with our customers"  I then inquired how I would email someone one about this issue and was rudely told there is no way to email AT&T.  And low and behold there is no way to email them from what I can find on the site, only option is Live chat or I have to mail them my complaint, which I hesitate to do because I have no way of knowing when and if the letter is received, it's a PO BOX # you have to write to.   ANy suggestions.  My daughters have incurred almost $500.00 in overages in 3.5 months. and the ETF are over $600.  I have  now added the smart limits, but feel that ATT intentionally withheld the info about smartlimits for smartphones until I called seriously inquiring about ending my service.  If I had known from the get go, I would have put the smart limits on their lines and not have incurred all these overages.  I know  with smart limits and a smartphone there may still be some overages due to the time of day ATT calculates data usage, but 10-20/month in overages I can deal with not  140/month I have been paying.  Up until this occurred I have been happy with my service, but after this I am very dissatisfied and I hate to call 611 because I have encountered the most rude reps and supervisors I have ever had to deal with.

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Re: Smart Limits on smartphones

Hello @jsrn1 


I'm very sorry about all those issues you've been having with AT&T. Because it is account specific, we'll need to have a specialist do some research and work on a solution for you. We have an amazing team of Social Media Care managers that will do anything they can to help. Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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