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Smart Limits? Overpriced and inadequate.


Smart Limits? Overpriced and inadequate.

AT&T charges $5 for Samrt limits???!!!


I used to have this service for free from T-Mobile. Not only that, but they allowed me to actually limit the number of minutes my children could use in Talk Time. What a concept!


I can not believe that AT&T does not have the capability to allow this. It has to be just a cap on a number in a database somewhere. Knowing that, what can the reason be for not allowing a cap on talk time, unless it's just to make more money on overage fees???


If there is a credible answer for this, then I would like to know.


Both these points were not explained to me by the AT&T rep at the store. Had I known, I may well not have chosen AT&T.

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Re: Smart Limits? Overpriced and inadequate.

My kids are well aware that their phones are a privilege. I think it is never too late to set those limits. ESPECIALLY if you pay for their service. They don't have a right to their phone or their total privacy until they are paying their own bills in their own home IMHO. Smiley Wink
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