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'Smart' Limits - Data & iPhone3


'Smart' Limits - Data & iPhone3

I purchased the 'smart' limits package a short while ago to limit my daughters consistant overages on the data plan.  With this purchase I was expecting that when she hit the preset limit of data useage the ability to use that data source would stop, as it says in the advertising of this service...  This morning I just got a nice email reminder that her data plan is about to exceed the limit, again for the second time this month, and I would be charged for more data.


What am I missing here?


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Re: 'Smart' Limits - Data & iPhone3

Hi, you are not missing anything other than the fact that ATT doesnt openly tell you ahead of time that the Smart Limits option you pay extra for does not apply to SmartPhones that require data packages.  you are wasting money and i would call them for a credit on your account for however many months you have been paying for smart limits for an iphone.

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Re: 'Smart' Limits - Data & iPhone3

It would also be useful to have her download the app that keeps track of data usage.  Give your daughter the responsibility of sticking to her own data limit.

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Re: 'Smart' Limits - Data & iPhone3

So True! Same thing happened to me! It's a scam.

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