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Smart Chip Registration Failed ????


Smart Chip Registration Failed ????

What does this mean?? What can I do?? Ive been getting a message quite a bit lately that says "Smart Chip Registration Failed". I have no idea what it means. Today my phone just shut itself off by itself, & now it wont come back on. I have taken the battery out & put it back in but cannot figure out why the phone wont work. It was almost fully charged. Its a just like brand new 10 year old Nokia flip phone, other than that Im not sure exactly what kind of phone it is. It worked perfect with NO issues ever until that "Smart Chip..." message started appearing. I REALLY dont want to have to buy a new phone when the one I have works, or worked, fine until this weird message showed up out of the blue. My mother also has the same kind of phone, which is just as old, & is also just like new with minimal use, which I pay for on the same account. It works fine & has never had the weird message. Please help!

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Re: Smart Chip Registration Failed ????

Hello, sleeplessaquarius!


Are you still having problems with your phone? Unfortunately, with a phone that old, it's difficult to know for sure what's wrong with it.


The good news is, if you've had it that long, you're probably eligible for an upgrade. If that's the case, I'm sure you'll find that we have comparable flip phones that would work well for you.


Some things to know before you upgrade:


1. An upgrade extends your contract.

2. There is a $36 upgrade fee that will show up on your bill.


For more information about upgrades and upgrade eligibility, please click on the links below.


Check Upgrade Options


Phone Upgrade Eligibility


Let me know if that helps!



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