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Signal Coverage loss the past few weeks Westerville/Galena, Ohio area?


Signal Coverage loss the past few weeks Westerville/Galena, Ohio area?

I've had my ATT Galaxy Note 2 (Android) since last October. I went with ATT because my nephew and his wife both had ATT iPhones and got 5 bars in my house.  (There is a ATT TOWER 1/2 mile from my house!!!)  So, I changed from Verizion (where I was lucky to get 1 bar if I stood near a window) to ATT.  I have had great 4-5 bar signal reciption since last Oct 2012!  Until about 3 weeks ago.


Several weeks ago, I noticed all my incoming calls going straight to voicemail.  I tested calling myself from my home phone myself and it only rings once and goes straight to voice mail.  It's like the system says I'm never available!  But I have a tower 1/2 mile from my house!!  My outgoing calls usually drop, but sometimes if I stand near a window it works.  Usually when I drive home I have 3-4 bars all the way up my road from the mall.  That's about 5 miles.  Now I get No Service at all until I get near that tower at my house.  I drove past the tower (within 200 feet) and I was getting 1-2 bars!!!


I check with ATT and they said there is nothing wrong with the towers in my area, and he replaced my SIM card and said if that doesn't work to go to the nearest ATT Support Center, which I did today.  The guy there said it's probably not my phone, but he would push my phone info out to the network again.  I had great doubts and I am home now and still have a bad signal.


He said if that does not work he would flash the phone with a new stock ROM and do a factory reset.  I have already done a factory reset, and that did not help.  I am really not sure what it is.  Either something is wrong with the phone, or something changed on their network or that tower.


It seems like the Support Guy is not wanting to replace the phone.  I don't care if I get a new phone or not.  I just want my reception to work like it did before!  He think's it's the network.  If I could just get a new phone to test with I would find out at least if it was the phone or not.  Or if something has changed with their tower or network.


It would also be nice to here if anyone in my area has the same problem.  At least I would know if it's just their network?


Any replies or suggestions would be greatly appriciated!



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Re: Signal Coverage loss the past few weeks Westerville/Galena, Ohio area?



I these in the  Reynoldsburg area, but I use to live up near you.  I would call AT&T @ 1-800-331-0500 and make sure they are filing a network report.  I would also see if other AT&T customers have the same issue to eliminate the possibility of your phone.  Make sure you talk to technical support option and not Customer care.


One other thing, I know att purchased the remaining markets that ATN owns which still operates as Alltel.   It was mostly down south, but there was a small area in Ohio, including Licking Co/Newark And surrounding areas.   I know Westerville isn't included, but not sure if Galena is near there as I know it's somewhat northeast of Westerville.  


Hope this helps!

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Re: Signal Coverage loss the past few weeks Westerville/Galena, Ohio area?

It turned out that my phone was broken. Something with the antenna. I had to video how my phone acted at home. I would always have 4 bars, but as soon as I made a call it dropped to No Service. Then, drop the call, and show 4 bars again.

They finally replaced the phone under warranty.
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Re: Signal Coverage loss the past few weeks Westerville/Galena, Ohio area?

Hi Snacko,


I'm glad to hear that you were able to figure out what the problem was and get your device replaced. Thank you for posting an update!



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