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Should WI give up on AT&T?


Should WI give up on AT&T?

77 new LTE markets coming this summer and none are in WI?  Last year AT&T finally lit up a tower outside Antigo WI and it was Edge!?  Where did they get hardware for that the scrap yard?  Whats going on?  Does AT&T have spectrum to do LTE or even HSPA+ throughout WI?  I re-upped my contract in November after hearing GB was getting LTE by year end mistakenly assuming that ment the whole fox valley area.  Now its a waiting game, if AT&T changes their contract terms before getting 3G in NW WI or LTE in the Fox valley I am bailing. 

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Re: Should WI give up on AT&T?

AT&T just added a huge LTE buildout in the Fox Valley. I'm anxiously waiting for it in Sheboygan/ Port Washington Area. It's frustrating considering Verizon's buildout compared to AT&T.


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Re: Should WI give up on AT&T?

AT&T coverage right now is a joke for NW WI and Western WI! I signed up with AT&T in November (day after Thanksgiving) after being told that new towers would be put up, at the very latest April 2013, in the areas I mentioned.


Well after service degrading and call drops, more often than my one year old drops food, I called AT&T to complain. Well now they tell me "oh, new towers are going up on May 31st in western WI and NW WI. They will be full 4G LTE towers and will increase coverage greatly."


I am not going to hold my breath on this and will give them through this weekend and if not time to go to VZW.


OH I also like how they are now adding a new "administrative fee" of $0.61/line/month. But it really is not an AT&T fee it is a fee being imposed by the government. Yet, in checking with ALL the other carriers no one else is imposing this fee. 


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Re: Should WI give up on AT&T?

I'm looking into contacting Scott **** (I think that's how it's spelt) who is the president of AT&T Wi. I'm happy that their 4G HSPA + is decent, faster than US Cellular's LTE in most situations, but I love AT&T's LTE, and is a "perk" of traveling to Milwaukee or Chicago!


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