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Sell phone, buy new phone, same contract?


Sell phone, buy new phone, same contract?

Hi, I got my att galaxy s4 earlier this year on a 2 year contract. I was wondering if I would be able to sell this phone on say, craigslist or eBay, and buy the nexus 5 to connect to this number instead. Would this be possible? If so, how would I go about doing this? I think I read somewhere that att locks Sim cards to devices?.. Or am I mistaken.. Thank you!

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Re: Sell phone, buy new phone, same contract?

Yes this is absolutely possible to do! Your Samsung Galaxy S4 is sim locked to the AT&T network already, and you would have to inform the buyer of that bit of information as they would need to know that it cannot be used another network like T-Mobile for example unless it gets unlocked.

Because your still under a 2 year agreements, you do not yet meet the requirement to unlock the device. However once you finish the contract, you would then be able to unlock the phone (Not the buyer because it's tied to your account).

You can buy the Nexus 5 and simply put in the SIM card, assuming it uses a MicroSIM and you should be all set. Because the Nexus and Galaxy uses the same type of data plan, no adjustments would be needed in your plan. If the Nexus uses a different type of SIM, then stop by your nearest AT&T corporate store, and they will provide one to you free of charge as a customer. Smiley Happy
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