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Saving pictures to SD card on AT&T Z431


Saving pictures to SD card on AT&T Z431

I have a mini SD crd in my phone. The cphone recognizes it, when I go into my pictures it shows the pictures both from my phone and from my SD card. My question is how do I change my settings so that when I take a picture it saves it to my SD card, and how do I transfer the pictures that I have already saved on to my phone's memory on  to my SD card? With every other phone I've ever had it's just been a simple matter of copying and pasting, however there doesn't seem to be any copy option for photos on this phone.

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Re: Saving pictures to SD card on AT&T Z431

This is just a guess on my part since I couldn't find the answer in the manual.


When you're in camera mode, is there an option anywhere that you can choose to have your pictures automatically save to your memory card when you take them?? I'd look in there first.



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