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SIM for Cellular 3G in the USA


SIM for Cellular 3G in the USA



I'm a moderately frequent (twice a year or so) visitor to the USA. I currently have an AT&T iPad Micro Sim which I use when I want to get online - I register for a 30-day plan when I arrive (paid for with the credit card of a friend of mine who lives here), and cancel it on my departure.


This works really well except that it only gets my iPad online and as I'm going to be about a lot, I really want my phone and other devices to be online too. I do have a little hotspot device (a 'MiFi') that I thought I could use to get online, but the question is - would my iPad SIM work in it?


If not, what would I have to get instead? I don't mind paying a bit more if necessary! Smiley Happy





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Re: SIM for Cellular 3G in the USA

That all depends if you have a Nation Talk plan on your account. If that card only has a data plan you should be able to use it in the phone, unless you dont have a talk plan then if you make calls you rack up a huge bill. 

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Re: SIM for Cellular 3G in the USA

As long as you're a paying customer, I don't see them blocking your device from using your iPad SIM, with the only exception if the data plan is unlimited. If it's an AT&T MiFi, you may have more trouble, but if it's a third-party one, just create a new AT&T profile using "broadband" as the APN.


If it's an unlimited data plan, you may get flagged, in which they will send you a message asking you to get the correct data plan for your device.

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