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Rude Interaction with CSA


Rude Interaction with CSA

I would like to report an unpleasant interaction with one of your Customer Service Agents while trying to sign up for Micro-Cell.  Let me first say that the issue is ultimately resolved thanks to a great CSA who called me on the phone from W. Texas (Marty) and the in-store rep who I dealt with who set me up completely with my new Micro Cell.  But the issue that I want to report is with the CSA who I chatted with online to discuss my issues with my signals in my new home.  I simply asked if I'm going to be in a better position to change service to get better signal, she fired back with the amoutn I'd owe to cancel a contract and implied that I'm better to pay the $200 for a micro-cell.  Her tone felt like it was a threat and was not appreciated.  You can contact me for full transcript and the employees name.  And you should reward Marty for saivng your company a long-time customer with five lines on his plan!

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Re: Rude Interaction with CSA

Hello, tcrowe8179!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience with one of our reps. Rudeness is never acceptable, and if you'd like to send me a private message with all the details, I'd be happy to pass your comments along.


I'm glad your issue was ultimately resolved, and that you were happy with your subsequent interactions with Marty and the in-store rep. If you'd like me to pass along your compliments to their managers, feel free to send me their information in a private message.


Let me know if you have any qeustions or concerns!



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