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Ringback tones


Ringback tones

These ringback tones are so old and not really appealing this is 2013 come on why are these ringback tones like some old person almost like they put parental block to good tones if they thought these options would make them any money than they don't have any taste 😡annoying at least give us some options from our time and not yours😴 😵👋boring.....



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Re: Ringback tones

Hello, Kindracooper!


Thank you for your post. We always appreciate feedback from our customers. If you have anything to add, feel free to message me so I can forward your comments.


Thanks again!



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Re: Ringback tones

It would be nice to see a feature where we could upload our own music or a song we like to be a ringback tone.  I used to have that with a few other "unnamed providers" and then to charge $15 a year to pick songs that are limited and not appealing.  I think i will be cancelling the service.

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