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Ringback Tone App Not Working


Ringback Tone App Not Working

I've been trying to get ringback tones for my Android phone.  I downloaded the app and have been trying to use it.  When I open it up this is what happens:


I either look up a tone I want or click on the icon on the bottom middle that says "My RBT"


The app prompts me to enter my phone number and sends me a pin.


I enter the pin.


I then proceed to purchase my tone.


I am then asked to accept or decline the terms and conditions.


I accept.


I click purchase.


The app shows a busy icon which then disappears.


When the icon disappears, nothing happens.


When then I go back into "My RBT" it says I have no tones and sends me into the tone center to find one I want to purchase.


The cycle continues until I get frustrated and exit the app.


It appears I am not the only one having problems getting this app to work.  If you go to the reviews in the app store, you can see where others have posted comments that it does not work. 


Is there another way to purchase ringback tones without going through an app that doesn't work?





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Re: Ringback Tone App Not Working

im have the same issue they said they get back too me today and never did there no other way to purchase this ring tone except threw play store I did that still don't work
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Re: Ringback Tone App Not Working

What about if you go to and login thru there from a PC?



> Manage Tones

> Login

> Attempt to purchase thru there


If you still get an error, do you have a purchase blocker on your line?

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Re: Ringback Tone App Not Working

I had this same problem but discovered that it was turned on to where I couldn't make purchases billed to my account. I removed that setting in my att app and it fixed it!

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