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Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

AT&T is going to carry the new Lumia 1520 that Nokia announced yesterday. Huge screen, 6 inches.


The 1520 will come with wireless charging shell as standard for the rest of the world but not with AT&T. The wireless charging shell will be a separate cost item.


AT&T has decided not to include Qi wireless charging shell as they did with the Lumia 1020.  Is it to reduce cost, reduce weight or keep it thinner?  I don't think so. For something as big as the 1520 it really doesn't matter.  AT&T is supporting the rival wireless charging standard from the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) instead of Qi and its customers.


The customers are getting the raw end of the deal.


See it in the Coming Soon section of phones.

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

Survey text arrived asking for feedback after an issue, and the response was priceless.


(Yes, I know it's because "stop" began the reply, but the response still seemed unintentionally fitting Smiley Wink )



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1520 ATT forces removal of QI

After selling me a JBL Power up with built in QI wireless charging the day I bought 2 Nokia Lumia 920's,along with 4 wireless charging pads....

att is forcing Nokia to remove the QI from their version of the 1520 to now support a different version of wireless charging,why should I stay with ATT when Verizon 929 their version of the 1520 will have QI wireless charging.

seriously thinking about leaving over ATT doing this to QI and only releasing the 16g not the 32
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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

AT&T (Altering Technology & Torture)
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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

The only difference so far between international and AT&T version is the lower base storage and removal of the Qi wireless charging.  The screens are identical, LCD-IPS, which in my opinion is better for more natural color reproduction.  The AMOLED screens supposedly use less power, but colors pop out too unaturally and outdoor viewing is terrible.  My past 2 phones, Samsung GS3 and Note 2, both had AMOLED screens, but thankfully on my Note 2 I was able to select a color profile that reduced the color saturation more closely to LCD, but that was not an option on the GS3. If you are going to take a lot pictures, it's better to have the LCD....then again, some people really do like the way the colors are on AMOLED screens, haha.

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

thought I'd mention that the wireless charging shells are hugely inferior to wireless charging built into the phone itself.


I had a 920 that charged wirelessly with no problems ever. Now I have a 1020, I used the shell for about a month before it got to the point where it became frustrating and pointless. Why? Well the contacts between the phone and the shell are likely no longer touching due to normal use (phone in my pocket, phone out of my pocket, etc). And because of this problem, at random times, the wireless charging stops completely or it's near impossible to get it to even start charging. Really sucks to wake up to a phone with a heart logo in the battery icon. I've already gone back to the the usb port with the 1020. 920 just sits on a qi wireless charging pad happily (on that note, even my old 99 dollar hp touchpad clock charges happily wirelessly and that's old tech at this point!). bottom line, charging covers are not reliable in the long run.


Wireless charging really needs to be a built in feature, and it'll be crappy for the consumers if AT&T gets to dictate which wireless charging standard we use when we're already invested in some of this tech in one way or another.

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