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Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

AT&T is going to carry the new Lumia 1520 that Nokia announced yesterday. Huge screen, 6 inches.


The 1520 will come with wireless charging shell as standard for the rest of the world but not with AT&T. The wireless charging shell will be a separate cost item.


AT&T has decided not to include Qi wireless charging shell as they did with the Lumia 1020.  Is it to reduce cost, reduce weight or keep it thinner?  I don't think so. For something as big as the 1520 it really doesn't matter.  AT&T is supporting the rival wireless charging standard from the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) instead of Qi and its customers.


The customers are getting the raw end of the deal.


See it in the Coming Soon section of phones.

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

I believe the global version has wireless charging built and the AT&T version has the optional shell.


If you look at the specs on the Nokia product page or the Microsoft Store, it also shows that other specs have been changed from the global version.


Global version to have 32GB internal storage, AT&T 16GB. Those sites also list an AMOLED display versus the LCD display on the global version. Processor speed on the SD800 is also different although that may just be a typo.


I don't understand why AT&T would cannabalize this phone. I was going to pick up a couple of these for my business lines but with the removal of features I'll pass.


Too bad, it looks like a nice device.

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

Same here, no way I'll be picking this phone up via ATT.  I'll go with an unlocked version that comes with full specs AND will be updated within a calendar year of worldwide update releases, not to mention including all facets of the updates and not ATT's version of what they think we should have.


It would be fascinating to observe the discussions/thought process behind the "let's take a great product and cripple customize it to better represent the ATT experience". 

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

same here i was saving up for  this phone but att decided to get the watered down version! no built in qi and only 16gb of storage ? with 16 gb of storage and like me with 10 gb of other storage what would 16gb leave me with

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

Same feelings here. Why would AT&T take this great product and then drop wireless charging and limit storage capacity?

I currently use a Lumia 920 device and have a lot invested in Qi Wireless Charging. I was planning on upgrading to the 1020 until I saw that they dropped wireless charging on it. Then I was planning on upgrading to the 1520 and now the same thing. What gives? I'm going to have to end up buying an unlocked device.

Nobody wants to have to snap on an extra piece of hardware just to be able to charge the phone wirelessly. It kind of defeats the point. Hopefully enough people will complain and they will reconsider. Would it hurt them to at least offer the option? They could make it optional where you can choose whether you want the built-in Qi Wireless Charging or not.
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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

So sad!

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

I'm another upset AT&T customer. I too was waiting specifically for the Lumia 1520 to use my upgrade! It is a total joke what AT&T has done to this awesome new Nokia phone; No built in Qi charging, only 16Gig of on board storage and an AMOLED screen! The Nokia announcement had the Lumia 1520 with built in Qi charging, 32Gig of on board storage and a beautiful IPS-LCD screen. I will not be upgrading my Lumia 920 to the Lumia 1520! I only wish I had not just upgraded my wife and daughter to the Lumia 1020s and locked us back into a another 2 year agreement!!


Here are a couple articles from Windows Phone Central, the largest Windows Phone community on the planet! Check out all of the comments on both articles. They also have a forum deticated to the 1520 and it also has some post about AT&T crippling the 1520.



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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

If att cripples the phone I will not be buying it from them, period.  I would rather pay full price someplace else than let them nickle and the on it

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

Add me to the not buying this phone. PMA is farking nowhere. and gimping a phone because you're in bed with a standard no one uses is stupid

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

The wireless chagring/charging shell thing I can get past.  AT&T and Nokia are backing different horses in that race, so at least there's an alternative.


Cutting the memory in half?  That, I will admit, is as stupid, stupid move. 

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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

UNBELIVABLE! Was so excited during Elop's presentation and was ready to upgrade 3 of 5 lines of my family plan. Instead, will pay off other 2 and switch to T-Mobile with all my unlocked phones and will save $100s. 920s with wireless charging (LOVE IT), 520 and Titan. It's not upgrade anymore for me.. it's a downgrade. The only reason was to stay with AT&T is to get best phones.. WHO MADE THAT STUPID DECICION AT AT&T ???


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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

This is an outrage! Why do you chose to not float Windows Phone which has is the highest rated phone on your online website? So much for wanting to buy a Lumia 1520 from a company like this.This is completely a surprise.


Will you change?


See Lumia 1020 with almost all 5 stars.



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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

Yeah was so excited about this phone till as usually att does something stupid. I will either just skip or dig a little deeper and buy the international version. Way to go att, just keep screwing the consumer! I even could have lived with the qi obviously rather have it, but half the memory what are you smoking?
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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

Same feelings here! I just wonder for how long at&t will have exclusivity for this phone... 1 month or 6 months?
And I was seriously considering switching to Verizon and getting Lumia 929. If Verizon announces their Lumia 1520 variant - it will be done deal for me!

Somebody makes wrong decisions at at&t! I am so disappointed!
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Re: Removing Features on New Phones - Lumia 1520

This choice between wireless charging standards has nothing to do with what performs best or the costs of implementing the standard. It has everything to do with the commercial possibilities of PMA charging. There is money to be made. This is why AT&T has a dog in this race.
The next version of PMA charging adds what is called a digital layer, providing policy-setting, monitoring, and extensible APIs.. This will enable messages, ads, to be sent to the phone. You see where this could go it they have these set up in airports, stadiums, restaurants, gyms and coffee shops. There is always money in advertising.


Don Mooers, Director of Device Product Marketing at AT&T had this to say in an email response to a Windows Phone Central reader:

"In an effort to move toward making this a reality for consumers worldwide, we’ve placed our support for the public ecosystem roll out led by Power Matters Alliance (PMA). The PMA continues to expand membership and is building a strong ecosystem for wireless charging. The PMA solution is already installed at leading coffee shops, airports, stadiums, restaurants, gyms and more, which enables customers to wirelessly charge their phone while on the go."


Mr Moorers, Nokia made wireless charging a reality for AT&T smartphones in November of 2012 when the Lumia 920 was released, remember?  AT&T has been supporting PMA for how long and I don’t see the reality of PMA charging in the phones offered by AT&T. Support PMA all you want but don’t remove features from phones.


I think my days of two year contracts are over.

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