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Reduced Cell Coverage in New Hampshire


Reduced Cell Coverage in New Hampshire

Last year, I was able to get a few bars of cell service and Edge data service in the Bartlett, NH area (I have an iphone 4).  I now get no coverage at all, even with full charge on the phone.  Does anyone know what happened to AT&T service in NH?  Have cell towers been taken down in the Bartlett, NH area?  Does anyone know of plans to improve coverage in this area?

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Re: Reduced Cell Coverage in New Hampshire

Hello, djbarber2!


I'm sorry to hear about your recent coverage problems. The quickest, most effective way to notify us of coverage issues in a particular area is by using AT&T's Mark the Spot app. It's a free application that pinpoints the exact location of the coverage issues and notifies technicians to go check out the towers.


For more information about the application and how to download it, click on the link below.


AT&T's Mark the Spot


Let me know if this helps!



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Re: Reduced Cell Coverage in New Hampshire

We have the same issue in Waterville Valley, NH.   We called At&T last Fall and were told they were working in this area.  After that, most of our coverage disappeared in the village.  And now there is no coverage at the ski resort.   We have reported multiple times on the app with no feedback.  And when you try to input the zip code into the app for "news", it rejects any zip that starts with zero.  The zip here is 03215.   We have iPhone 5.   Prior to last Fall, we had coverage in both of these locations.   

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