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Re: Service disrupted while walking through house


Re: Service disrupted while walking through house

Disrupted?  I can't believe you get service.  I can't get it at all.  I have to drive miles to get a connection and then i'm lucky if the call doesn't fail within minutes.  Their service sucks, their customer disservice department never knows anything, trying to get to a supervisor is like asking to speak with Gd, they are ignorant, rude, interruptive, and if I hear the word "troubleshoot" once more I'm going to reach through the landline that I have to use to get to them and choke the living sht out of them.


this has been going on for YEARS. Admittedly no viable towers; they are all "degraded" and "due for maintenance,"  (for two years?  Seriously? and nothing ever gets fixed.


I am a senior citizen who got stuck in her house when a tree came down in my driveway during a storm.  I rely on the cell phone and could not make a call.  Somehow, I think this should be illegal. 


And I really don't want to hear about the contract.  they can't provide service?  then don't bill.  if I gave my clients a bill and then told them I can't guarantee I will be able to do the job, they would take the bill and hit me over the head with it.  contract notwithstanding.


the worst company on the face of the earth.

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Re: Service disrupted while walking through house

Hello, hateyoulikepoison!


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear you've been having coverage issues. Have you heard of AT&T's Mark the Spot app? If not, I encourage you to click on the link below to learn more about the app and how you can use it to report coverage issues.


AT&T's Mark the Spot


This app is a more effective way to communicate your coverage concerns than calling our general customer care line.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know! I hope that helps!



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