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Re: Door County, WI ... 3rd party coverage is terrible


Re: Door County, WI ... 3rd party coverage is terrible

    Anderson630 wrote:

    The "3rd Party" coverage in Door County, WI is terrible ... and while during the winter months, the number of ATT customers may be moderate; in the late spring, summer, and fall a huge number of Milwaukee, Green Bay, Chicago and Minneapolis people vacation in Door County and live as seasonal residents ... and it's too bad that most will be very disappointed in the ATT coverage.  For example, most of the east coast of the pennisula is spotty at best (Baileys Harbor, Jacksonport, etc).    What is the best way to formally complain about coverage in this area?

     youngjm wrote:

Call customer service and file a network trouble ticket.
For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500
For hearing or speech impaired: 1-866-241-6567
After hours Support:. 1-866-801-3600

I was noticing this was never resolved.
Here's some more info:

AT&T has no towers in any of the Wisconsin peninsula (Door County, 54235), which is amazing when you consider that the county is a major tourist destination with people flocking north from Chicago, Milwaukee, etc. with their iPhones.

Instead, two local companies currently provide GSM roaming agreements:   Einstein PCS and Bug Tussel Wireless (AKA iWireless).
Einstein provides EDGE through a repeater arrangement, but neither provide 3G or 4G (nor are expected to in the near future).

The result is a patchwork of reception up and down the peninsula, with the majority of coverage along the west (bayside) and significant gaps in coverage along the Lake Michigan side.

The carriers show up as "AT&T" on some phones, while others indicate cryptic names like "USA-330" and "STCDMNWCV1".

It was hoped the newly-constructed 200' tower at 825 Egg Harbor Rd. north of Sturgeon Bay would signal a step towards improving the situation, but it appears neither GSM partner has opted to co-locate there as of yet.

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Re: Door County, WI ... 3rd party coverage is terrible

AT&T just purchased towers in Door County, hopefully they'll fit them with HSPA + or LTE! Taking my iPhone and AT&T iPad to door county is a joke, until you get one someone's Wi-Fi.


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Re: Door County, WI ... 3rd party coverage is terrible

Is this true? Will AT&T actually was service in Egg Harbor any time soon? I have been a loyal AT&T customer for 16years and have a large familyn plan currently. I have a second home in Egg Harbor, WI and I cannot get ANY service. It is terrible and unacceptable. My contract comes up in January and I am seriously thinking about switching to another provder. Unless AT&T does in fact get substantial coverage in the near future. Can anyone confirm this?


Thank you.

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Re: Door County, WI ... 3rd party coverage is terrible

Yep! is the link. No work done as of late... Frustrating, I know...
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