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Wondering if anyone had any ideas about these things that make me HATE this phone.

Any way to restore emails from an ipd file? I tried to from my torch but it fails without errors.

Any way to scroll to the top of your texts? I have about 5000 from my wife and sometimes I want to read some of the older ones but scrolling with my finger for an hour to get to the top just to read them is ridiculous. Where is that press T or B to jump up and down RIM???

How do I view saved texts that I saved on my other bb's? I had alot of important saved text messages so I didnt have to go looking for them...

Why are backup files so big now? My backup files were around 20-30 mb after years of combining all of my texts, contacts, and emails. Now my backup file is about 300mb and I am excluding the media files which doesn'tmake any sense since they are on a sd card, why is it backing that up too??

What happened to the option to delete emails on the device, mailbox, or both option that made bb's great?

Why is there no confirmation for deleting an entire chat? I have accidently deleted an entire important text conversation and was so mad that I had to do a restore but I was missing alot for obvious reasons. Then went over my data because my phone re-downloaded over 5000 emails since I make them save on the server and so I can download to my outlook client. I just wanted to restore my texts but now the restores make you reconfigure email and download them.. RIM cost me money because of this flaw.


Blackberry loves to reboot on its own, the battery life is not what was told by RIM!


How do you remove certain apps like linkedin from the hub? I dont want it there..

Last question, how do you group calls by name? I'm annoyed that I have to see the same name 10 times etc.

I really don't understand why RIM had to change all these great things about the blackberry which is why I have used several of them for 10 years, I have been told and I'm starting to think the same thing, this is a wannabe iphone. I have tried iphones and hated them for these types of reasons, why did RIM do this.. argh! >.<

I have searched online for awhile now and haven't found any answers or hints of changes in upcoming updates for the o/s etc. I am now stuck with this phone for 2 years and if RIM doesn't fix these things in future phones then yeah I'll be looking for another model, I wish they just made a better version of the torch, the pullout keyboard was great so if you didn't like touch screen too much like me, then you had a choice for the keyboard.


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Re: Questions/Annoyances

Have you looked for answers to your questions or posted them on CrackBerry?  I would suggest you make the tone a little bit nicer in your post because they will probably think you are trolling if they read this.  Leave out words like "hate" and "ridiculous".


I know that there is an answer for removing LinkedIn from the Hub, but I don't remember it.  For some people, the 10.1 update stopped the random rebooting.

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Re: Questions/Annoyances

I understand. I went from a BB pearl that was crashing, having major exception errors, old OS to a "new" bold. What a mistake I made because I meant to get new Z phone but because I read about lack of keyboard I saw the Bold touch next to it at store & got Bold. Well, I wish I knew that in one week from that day the new Q was coming out but I didn't know and it really takes longer than 2 weeks to adjust to diff phones not to mention Os's etc. I'm going to try to have my Pearl repaired because it was a great fit and I could type faster on it than old T9 phones. I hope BB makes a new Pearl with new OS because that's all I really needed. Good luck.
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Re: Questions/Annoyances

Well? Release the update then! The random restarts breaking me. It doesnt make sence that att give us a contract agreement and the choice to return device in 15 days if z10 phone doesnt work out. But!!! By then att isnt even giving us owners the nessissary software updates to keep the phone running up to par until way after the 15 day return policy. how fair is that??? release the update 10.1. enough is enough.

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Re: Questions/Annoyances

Much better running 10.1. im testing it out for a few days befor i give my praise for recieveing the update. thanks

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Re: Questions/Annoyances (no more)

This phone now rocks like no other! and now i need to put this post in another forum post catagory because i have no complaints with the z10. After installing 10.1 then testing for a while ,  the battery life shot up sky high and lasted all day long,  it reads my text and emails to me thru bluetooth while i am driving , it has real voice control and does a dam good job of it, and it is secure! this rocks! everything is all better.....

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Re: Questions/Annoyances (no more)

bar-j700, do you have the complete version number of your software update?  If so, will you share it with me?

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Re: Questions/Annoyances (no more) from att.. 

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Re: Questions/Annoyances (no more)

Thanks for the information.

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