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Question about international/Canada charges


Question about international/Canada charges

My 13 year old son called a friend he met on xbox live, that lives in Canada.  He wasn't aware of this.  He made 517 minutes of calls over the course of 2-3 days.  Thankfully I got a text message that said "you have gone over 100 dollars in international calling" I decided to wait until the bill came out to see what it would be.  Obviously, we had a talk with him about calling people with different area codes, and for talking that long anyway.  

    I do feel like that without having to use a country code, calling Canada can happen accidentally, as it did.  So, I got the bill and it was $300 in overages charges.  I sent them an email explaining that it was an accident and would they forgive the charges on a one time basis.  I also threw in that we have 5 lines and have been customers for 10 years.  I know that doesn't necessarily entitle me to anything, but figured I'd add that in.

   So they reply back that they added the $3.99 international plan and that the rate would be reduced to .19 for the 517 minutes.  So, less than $100.  

   My question is, should I be happy with this or if I try hard enough can I get this removed?  I've heard of people completely eliminating $1,000 data bills when they first get a smartphone.  

   I know email isn't always the best way of getting what you want, but they did go right ahead and chop that off the bill. In y'alls experience, is there a way to completely remove these charges? If so, what number do you call? 



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Re: Question about international/Canada charges

I used to work for ATT. In my center, we would not completely eliminate the charges. We would add a feature and backdate to reduce the charges, which is what they did with you for example. There are employees who have the ability to waive all charges like you said, but it's rare to see that because they are valid charges.

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Re: Question about international/Canada charges

There is only so much a customer service rep can do for you. You might have heard of these people getting their high bills reversed, but that's only due to the bad PR they were getting. It's been done maybe a couple times. It's not widespread at all.


In your case, you already had the bill reduced from over $300 to only about $100 in overage charges which to me sounds like a very valid resolution.


For the future, have international dialing and messaging disabled on your son's phone.

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