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Problems with 10.2 Updated on Q10


Problems with 10.2 Updated on Q10

Hey All,


If anyone can please help, I've had problems on my Q10 since the 10.2 Update on Wednesday.


I lost all my contacts, all my tasks in the Remember App, and who knows what else. My Phone App is also incorrectly saying there are no recent calls although I have made and received several calls since the update.

I still have my pictures and text message history though, if that helps.


For some reason my desktop Link program doesn't seem to have any data available for a backup or I would try a restore. I also can't figure out a way to uninstall or downgrade the update and see if that might work to restore my things.


Any suggestions for what to do? Ideally, I really need access to my Remember files, would love to have my contacts back, and at the very least need my phone app to go back to doing its job and recording my calls.




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Re: Problems with 10.2 Updated on Q10

Try a reset by holding both the UP and DOWN volume buttons for 20 - 30 seconds, ignoring any messages that come up.

. . . . Pete
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Re: Problems with 10.2 Updated on Q10



I just tried the volume buttons and my phone did turn on and off but it didn't help with the problems.


Thank you for the suggestion though!

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Re: Problems with 10.2 Updated on Q10


t,   Don't give up or you will regret it.  Your Q10 is the best device out there.


Post your problem(s) on the BlackBerry Support Community and you'll be forever thankful.



. . . .  Pete


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