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Problems Receiving Calls/Texts/Voicemail lately


Problems Receiving Calls/Texts/Voicemail lately

We live in Las Vegas and have the same problem. Our phones are not ringing when we're getting a call. We've talked to the technical support and they checked everything, they didn't see any problem anywhere (strange!!) our phone was maybe working for three weeks and now again it started doing it. I wonder if any other company has the same problem or just At&T.


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Re: Problems Receiving Calls/Texts/Voicemail lately

Hi, I am having the same issues. I was told that I needed to replace my devices. I had three phones experiencing the issue for three weeks now. I added two more lines, brand new phones, and they are also having the same problem. I find it hard to believe that I need to replace all 5 devices. Not to mention at my expense. I am calling almost on a daily basis and am continuosly told they will look into it. Then I receive calls back that they found no issues. I am to the point of wanting to cancel my service and move on. In addition, neighbors next door as well as down the street are having the same I guess they will also be told to replace their devices. Have you found a way to escalate this issue?

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Re: Problems Receiving Calls/Texts/Voicemail lately

I had this kind of runaround for three months and in the end they admitted they had had a tower down the whole time but didn't tell me. I was furious and still am. But as SNL famously said "We don't care. We don't have to. We're the phone company."
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Re: Problems Receiving Calls/Texts/Voicemail lately

I honestly find this whole situation ridiculous as I am going through the same thing, here in Las Vegas as well. I always used to get consistent 4G LTE connection here at my house when I first got the Note 2. However, my 4G LTE has been so annoying lately. It would say on the status bar of my phone that I have 3 bars of 4G LTE, yet I can't even retrieve my email using the Gmail app. Another problem that I'm experiencing is with text messages; lately, my messages fail to send even with internet connection. My phone will just say "failed". I already called the customer service twice and the last one even escalated my issue, but I got a voicemail yesterday saying that there are no issues around here so I have to take my phone to the AT&T store to get my sim checked. It's been at least a week since this started messing up and I have no idea why.

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Re: Problems Receiving Calls/Texts/Voicemail lately

I am having the same problem!! I just switched to ATT from VZ a month ago and having nothing but problem!! Already called ATT 3 diff times on phone for 40mins-1 hour. First my phone crashed on emails, they told me 2 wks ago early Jul, my closest tower is "degraded" but is being fixed that day. Been having dropped calls here there since. 

A week ago realized my texts not been recevd by other parties although showing sent. I get theirs but they cant get mine...I have 5 numbers that I know of that didnt get my txt.They never have problem getting my txt when I was with VZ???

I spent an hour on the phone today, said they created a "case" and someone will call me in 30mins. Its been calls. And he told me my tower is degraded ...when I asked when it'll be fixed, he said today! Two wks ago they said it was fixed.

Do they read off a script??? ????????????????????????????????????????????

I spent last 4hrs online looking for help, this is beyond unbelievable!!

===>> I'm in 89113 ---anyone live in this area that has a problem? Also my phone doesnt show LTE --they asked me everytime I call and nothing was done. Can we escalate this to the VP?? shareholders?? Yelp away just to get real help. NO ONE should have to pay for a service that cannot serve basic functions like Phone calls, text and emails.

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