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Port forwarding with Sierra 313u


Port forwarding with Sierra 313u

Hello, I am trying to use my connect card to play xbox live, I managed to play a few games and it works good enough. The problem is, I can't download any updates for games because I have a strict NAT and some of the ports Xbox needs to access aren't open. How can I go about doing this since I have no access to the settings. If I call support will they open them for me? 

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Re: Port forwarding with Sierra 313u

haha no they will not... i have been researching this exact problem on my PS3 since the release of GTA V. i am incapable of playing online with a game i spent $172 on... sad. 


ok well heres the helpfull part where i tell you what ive learned.

it seems that you may be able to purchase a static ip for your mobile # linked to the modem and if what i have found so far is correct it should be $15 /month. not sure about you but id prefer $5 but hey if it clears up my strict nat settings then ill gladly play it since the only reason i use an aircard 313u is for gaming ( i live in the country and its really my only option other than sat which has a 800+ Ms ping at all times hahah could you imagine taking a headshot and it wouldnt be recognized by the server for 8 secs hahah i can lead but not like that)


i hope this leads you to something helpfull and if you figure it out plz do post as i will if my static ip call goes well... heres to hoping i get someone on the phone with an IQ over 10   :-p

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