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Poor signal and reception at home, Rancho Mirage, CA


Poor signal and reception at home, Rancho Mirage, CA

Since mid October 2013, reception at my home is awfull, both on my personal and AT&T work phone. If I am lucky, I will get one bar when standing on the rock in my backyard, no bars inside my home. Contacted CS and spent hours on the phone, while the calls were dropping numerous times during that frustrating session. Finally, I was told that there is a degrading tower in my area and there are no immediate plans to fix that, so I will be provided MicroCell at no cost. I was given the case number CM20131218-79158748 and told I will be contacted within few days with further information.

When I did not receive the call after about 10 days, I called again and after painstaking explanations and repeating the previous conversations, I was told that previous CS rep was lying and that I can only purchase the MC myself. I even went to the store and after waiting for somebody to see me for half an hour (had an appointment), the manager sent a message by his employee that considering my plan, they will not do anything to improve my service.

I have been AT&T customer for 17 years and I cannot believe that I am treated like this. Unfortunately, after many years without contract, I used the upgrade and I am under the contract until August 2015. My frustration is growing, but even if I drop AT&T as my personal phone provider, I am still stuck with my AT&T work phone. Is there a solution?

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Re: Poor signal and reception at home, Rancho Mirage, CA

Hello Mrs. Woods,


I'm sorry about your reception issues at home. If you don't mind, please send us a private message by clicking here, our team will be happy to help with anything we can.


Thank you,


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