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Poor phone reception at the college


Poor phone reception at the college

Hi !


I work at a college in Pleasant Hill, CA.  We have about 21,000 students.  I and many other employees and students have AT&T service, but we cannot get good reception on the campus.




Thank you!!



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Re: Poor phone reception at the college

You can enter the info in at and it will give a "Heat Map" showing how good the signal quality is. Keep in mind, inside structures you will always have poor coverage, unless the campus has worked with ATT to install Pico & micro cells, along with having public wifi access.
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Re: Poor phone reception at the college

My wife and I both have iPhone 4S and our phone signal is always weak at our home here in Athens, GA.  I bought a Microcell and it keeps dropping out and has to be restarted.  It's easy to tell when it flops as we can't make calls with only one bar or sometimes even with two.  The phone just won't work with that low signal level.


So it cost me $200 bucks to get the 3G Microcell and that solves our problem when it is working.  Sometimes it stays on for over a week and sometimes it seems to need to be restarted more frequently.


But what I really want to report is the problems we had in Egg Harbor, WI at a recent family reunion where most of us had AT&T phones and we couldn't communicate at all.  My brother's wife finally loaned us her Verizon phone so we could call to other family members who had Verizon phones (but of course not to any of the AT&T phones--and there were many of them--of other family members at the reunion.


It was interesting, too, that sometimes our AT&T phones would show up to 3 bars and display an E for Edge network but still fail to provide any services.  We had to get to a WiFi hotspot to check our email.


I think it would be extremely helpful if AT&T would recognize that in such low signal areas as Egg Harbor, WI that allowing people to make WiFi calls would be warmly received by its many subscribers.  I'm not a technology guy, but I do know that the Apple iPhone and other smart phones are capable of making WiFi calls (e.g. Vonage, or Skype) so I am suggesting that AT&T bite the bullet and give its subscribers the ability to make WiFi calls in situations where they don't have any towers or coverage.  It would put smiles on millions of subscriber's faces to see their phones work in such low signal areas.


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