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Pay-Per-Use & Broken Phone, Huh?


Pay-Per-Use & Broken Phone, Huh?

I'm just now inputting 6 mos. of past bills and noticed 2 of those months show the nominal $2 data fee (pay-per-use on dumb phone Family Talk).


I find this interesting since the phone hasn't been used during those months.


Is this some arbitrary charge ATT is sticking in there to see if we're monitoring our charges?  Smiley Mad


NOT happy about this, and too late to do anything now.  Besides, I dread calling in to discuss...been there, hate that.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Pay-Per-Use & Broken Phone, Huh?

Hi spd...and NO it's not a nominal charge. It's a charge for someone hitting the internet button accidentally, usually. But you say that phone was not used during that time? That's odd. I still would definitely contact ATTCustomerCare about it and ask them to remove it. 



     we live & learn~

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