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Order Cancelled without Notice


Order Cancelled without Notice

Hi, my name is Nami and I've been AT&T wireless customer for 2+ years.


I was happy with the service until I faced some issues with adding a line few days ago. I thought adding a line should be something that is simple and easy but it turned out to be quite stressful.


Here's what's happened. I have a family plan with two seperate lines and decided to add another line for my brother, since I like the family plan features. So, I opened up AT&T website and did as it guided me through, adding products in to the cart and choosing its features.


This was what I had in my cart;


1 Samsung Galaxy S4                                 $ 199.99

1 Ottobox defender series case for iphone 5   $   50.00

   online discount                                        -$   25.00

   buy 2 accessories and receive 10% off       -$    2.50

1 Speck black candy shell case for S4           $  35.00

   buy 2 accessories and receive 10% off       -$    3.50

Estimated Sales Tax                                    $   16.00

Up to $75 off Chat Promotion                        -$  54.00


Due Today                                                    $216.59


Well, I thought the deal was pretty sweet so I proceeded to the payment screen. After I filled out the payment information, it took me to the step 2, Phone number details, where you choose the number from the selection bar.


Problem happened when there was actually no number for me to choose from the selection bar. It was blank. From there, i couldn't proceed to anywhere. I was Literally stucked. I've tried everything including deleting all the cookies and restarting the browser as the chat agent adivsed, I was getting assisted.


After multiple unsuccesful tries, I finally gave up doing it online and decided to call the service center. I talked to an agent named Mark. He was able to solve the problem with the number issue. He explained me that it happened since I moved from the east coast to the west coast and the billing address was different from the original service area.


Anyway, he guided me through the purchasing and told me that the finally price for the same products, Galaxy S4 and two phone cases, would be $281.57. I asked him why is it different from the price I got from the website. He told me that he doesn't have the authority to give me the online dicount deals but could transffer my call to another department, 1.800.331.0500. He told me that they will be able to honor the price and I agreed to give him my payment information and the purchasing was done.


Now, I'm talking to an agent from this new department, Sanquenetta, only to hear that her department is not responsible for honoring the price since the sales department was the one that made the purchase. I asked her to speak with her supervisor and the answer was the same. She treated me very nicely and told me that she will contact Mark from sales department and get back to me. after couple hours, I receive a call from Sanquenetta that she was still trying to contact Mark and will reach me back when they talk and resolve the issue.


I didn't hear from her for two days and I called the customer service to figure out what is going on. After explaining what had happened to a female service agent, I was able to speak with her supervisor. Her name was Miranda or Melinda, not sure. She was not as nice as the other agents I spoke with and told me that the order was cancelled. The reason? 'identification failure'. She didn't give me any explanation on anything. At the end of the call, I was advised to go to local AT&T store with my photo ID for the purchase. No appologies of any sort was given.


In short, my disappointments with the services are


1. errors on the website purchase

2. service agent promising something they can't deliver

3. cancelling an order without any notice


Please let me know if I should stay with AT&T after all this.

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Re: customer service disappointment

Note. Mark said he is in Florida and Sanquenetta in  South Carolina

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