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Opting out of ATT Messages


Opting out of ATT Messages

I try to enact the ATT Messages App on my phone.  It keeps telling me to call my voicemail (and I do) and nothing happens.  I went to the website and signed up hoping it solved the problem.  It did not.  How do I opt of the ATT Messages program?  Also I do get notifications from the ATT Message on my phone but I can't do anything with it.  How do I fix that?

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Re: Opting out of ATT Messages

Hi Shiznorak,


What messages are you getting? AT&T Messenger is an optional service, you shouldn't have to opt out of it, but if you can provide more details, I'm sure we can help you with that.




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Re: Opting out of ATT Messages

If you do not want to use AT&T Messages (which is a pretty cool application if only for the visual voicemail option and having texts/vm in same place for ease of use) you can go into your device settings, then find Application Manager (depending on your device it could be directly in settings, or you might have to click on MORE if you're on an S4).  Then, instead of looking under "Downloaded" apps, look for "ALL."  Find AT&T Messages.  Uninstall updates and THEN disable.


It's pre-loaded, so you can't FULLY uninstall, but you can turn it off by uninstalling updates and disabling.

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Re: Opting out of ATT Messages

Also, if you WOULD want to utilize the service...what could be going on here is, AT&T Messages requires a voicemail password BUT you could probably have your voicemail setup so that you don't NEED a voicemail password every time you call in.  To get AT&T Messages to finish you have to turn your VM password on.  TO do so, you can follow these steps:


I know, having to use a voicemail password every time sounds awful.   BUT!  Once you do it that one time and get AT&T Messages set up, you will NEVER have to enter your password in the app again!  And, you won't EVER have to call your voicemail again because you'll just open the app to see your messages!  Smiley Happy


There is *always* the option to follow the prompts AT&T messages provides when it gives you the option to call 611

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