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Old Pre-Paid Plan


Old Pre-Paid Plan

I'm currently on the $60/month pay as you go plan. I hate it.

I used to be on a $69.95 a/month plan in which I only paid $69.95 a month. I did not have $60 taken off my phone to renew my account.

I really really want to go back to THAT plan. Is there anyone possible I can do this?
It would save me a lot of money. I wouldn't have to worry about my balance & money being taken off to keep

acct active.

I had tried calling customer service & they said no.

Can I go to an AT&T store and get this plan?

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Re: Old Pre-Paid Plan

Was that plan a part of the Pick Your Plan service?

Once plans are discontinued, users cannot switch back to them. It is what's called a "grandfathered" plan. You are allowed to keep it for as long as you want unless you'd like to switch to a newer plan, which looks like what you did. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any way for you to switch back to your old plan. Smiley Sad

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