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Official Iphone 5s order status thread


Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

If you ordered the iPhone in September from and it still hasn't shipped or it's not showing progress...  Call them! They'll fix it.

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Ordered my 32gb gold iphone 5s on 10/4 from an AT&T store.  They sent me a reminder email near the beginning of november to notify me that my order was still awaiting shipment, basically no update at all.  Well tonight after midnight 11/28, I got an email notifying me that my order has been cancelled.  They also said if it was an error to please place another order.  My shipping window was November 22- December 3 btw.  Horrible customer service to make me pay, then wait nearly 2 months to say just kidding.  We're going to cancel that order now, but if you'd like, you can pay us again and get at the back of the line to buy another iphone.  Let me guess, shipping times are into 2014?  No thanks, I'll buy a second hand phone so AT&T and apple don't get anymore of my money.  Maybe verizon would like my business.  I've heard better stories about their customer service.  Way to tick off a loyal customer of over a decade. 

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

I ordered 2 space gray iPhone 5S' Monday 12/2. On Thursday 12/5 I got an email saying my order was preparing to ship and the expected ship date was 12/10-12/12. I looked at the order date and it was updated to 12/5. Is this normal from at&t? Before my order date was 12/2 and my order status was "in progress" up until Thursday when it changed to 12/5. How long after the ship date can I expect my order and why did at&t change the order date? Looks like I would have been better off ordering from Apple website which says 1-3 days to ship. Is it too late to cancel?
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

If it hasn't shipped you can cancel. I would definitely order from Apple.
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