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Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Hello All !

Recently ordered the Iphone 5S - Silver 16gb( really wanted gold but didnt want to wait forever! lol ) October 08 for my upgrade; ive been with att for two years.. Ive been tracking my order like crazy& my shipping dates changed from 10/11-10/15 to 10/17-10/28 , I just checked it on att and it says shipped and im like whattttt haha and i finally have an tracking number I checked and my phone will be here tomorrow at 8pm. Im extremley happy because im selling my 4s tomorrow and i really didnt want to be phoneless for that long. I picked the overnight shipping method but in my head i knew it wouldnt ship overnight but it kind of worked outSmiley Happy only takes 3 days to get it.. But yeahhhh im just excited! Good luck to everyone i know i didnt have to wait so long to get my phone like some of you do. Hopefully you all will recieve it soonSmiley Happy

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

jad94 wrote:

Im very annoyed!! I dont get why it takes this long for people to get their phones!!! I spoke to an Att rep and she said that they are waiting for Apple to send them the phones. She also said I could cancel my order and get a space gray or silver one and it would ship in 7 days and as temping as that sounds I really want the gold model. I will be very frustrated if I really have to wait til between 11/8-11/28!! I dont think anyone has the patience for that!!!! Someone give good information please!! Smiley Sad

there is a very simple but profound reason why you are not getting your phone - Apple did not make enooigh of them - probably on purpose since they want to push the 5c, funny that you don;t hear about long shipping delays or no stock available on the 5c, but there is a reason for that - again apple made more, patience is your only avenue

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Thanks everyone for the help! I gone into my setting and was pretty sure I changed it to that but my password lock keeps coming up. I just wanted to make sure you could use the fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone and not only to make purchases.

I also know what it feels like to have your mind set on a color. My husband kept telling to to just get the space grey because it probably would come faster then any other color and I was ready to just go ahead with the space grey because I was tired of waiting. I ordered one with sprint first the same time as my friend did but sprint took my money ASAP told me 4-6 weeks and their customer service is a joke. So I cancelled my order and came to att. Funny thing is like I said my friend is still waiting on her phone when I already received mine AND IM STILL WAITING FOR MY REFUND WITH SPRINT!!! It's been over a week and the refund process hasn't even been started yet. I am so done with sprint. Att didn't even take the money officially out of my account till my phone shipped. Yea I know they placed a hold for it at first but if I were to cancel my att order it's easier requesting a hold to be released or waiting for my hold to fall off then to go through a refund process. But when I decided to go with att I was ready to go with the space grey but then I thought I really like the white face and when Apple first announced the 5s I wanted the silver then changed my mind to the gold because it was different but then realized I just like the white face so I'll just go back to my silver no matter if I have to wait longer then the space grey because in the end the wait will be worth it because you got what you wanted and didn't settle. So I totally understand and you will get it. And when you do u will be happy because you have the one that you want. This is the first time I tried getting a iphone on launch day. I wanted to open my line till the new iphone came out. But after going through it this year I think I'll wait two years to go through it again. I think I'll take a break next year from it lol unless it's not as bad next year. Maybe Apple will learn from its mistakes and make more next year and offer a preorder but I doubt it lol. But I was rest to get the iphone 5 in the beginning of September until I realized apple was ready to put out a new device. Why would I pay $200.00 dollars for the iphone 5 on 9-5-13 when I could wait a few weeks and either get the newest iphone for $200.00 or if I still just wanted the iphone 5 I could get that $99.99. So I just waited. But everyone will get their phones soon and it will be worth the wait. It's a great phone.

I also have a question since I am new to att. If I waited the 2 years to upgrade how far in advance are you able to upgrade. Say if my contract started 10/8 when would my line be eligible for a upgrade? Is it a month before. A week before, or the day of?

Thanks everyone again!
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Well good news got an email at 2:18AM CST today that our phones are being shipped.

Order 16GB Gold at store on 20th at 5PM CST


Shipping UPS Ground

Scheduled Delivery Updated To:Monday, 10/14/2013, By End of Day (Houston, Tx)

Last Location: Fort Worth, TX, United States, Friday, 10/11/2013


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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Status update, my 16 gb gold ordered on launch day about 3:00 p.m. At AT&T store is being delivered today! Shipped out of Memphis to Indy.

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Jdafonte 2000explorer congrats. Good luck to you!
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Yep, ordered my iPhone 5s Gold on Monday, and I have to wait until November 14-December 4. Are there any chances that it might change to be sooner? Because this is fustrating. xD

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

just talked to an AT&T agent.silver color iphones have been restocked , reducing delivery to 3-5 business days, but gold ones are still 28 to 42 days. Apple not able to provide Gold iphones faster at this point due to high demand from customers all over the world.

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

I just noticed that the Apple stores in the Phoenix area now have the gold 16gb in stock. It looks like some promising progress. I still don't have mine that I ordered on 9-21 but rather than try to cancel and make a mad dash to the store, I think I'll just let the process run it's course.

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

I've been posting to this feed since the beginning and it seems that people who ordered early in the morning on launch date (9-20-2013) received there phones this week. For people who order later in the day or the next day we will most likely start receiving our status updates and shipments next week. Hopefully the wait for us will be over. For those who ordered the Gold model after the first week you will most likely have to wait a while to receive your device. It's sad but checking your order status daily in hopes will not change anything as I've been doing this for the last three weeks. Hope this helps some people but it seems that Apple is doing everything they can to
Restock. They also for the first time global released this model and the demand is just through the rough. I've read countless articles on the phone and about apples efforts to restock the phone as well and try to restock their partnering companies. They are doing better than last year when the original iPhone 5 came out as some people had to wait until December of last year to receive there device when it came out is September. And I'm not going to lie it seems that some people who order after the release date have their devices. So rather they are shipping them in a structural orderly manor or they are coming completely random and based on who the computer says in next, but either way the only thing we can do is wait knowing that soon we will all have our desired phones in our hands 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 hope this helps!!!
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

@cammillia91 I ordered the Gold 32GB model on Wednesday 10/9 and have to wait 11/18/13 - 12/06/13. The waiting game has begun. Keep me posted if you get any updates on earlier shipping. Thanks
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

@ceelo07 I shall. I'll keep updated on this post. It's so frustrating and disappointing, but I'm glad they're all doing the best they can do.
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Im an impatient person!! Haha so please Apple hurrySmiley Sad anyone get any updates?Smiley Happy mine hasnt changed!

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Ordered the silver 16gb 5s on Monday around 5 pm central. I received my tracking number yesterday. Best of luck everybody on getting yours. oh yea mine will be delivered Monday. CANT WAIT

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