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Official Iphone 5s order status thread


Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

I know I ask this everyday but anyone receive any status updates on shipping today yet? Or is this just gonna be another let down week
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

@LaBaBaw, nothing yet but I'm not holding my breath. Keep your chin up.
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

@LaBaBaw I am sure some will get an update, however I feel that it will be another let down(for me atleast).


I also feel that as each day pass the appeal that the phone had is slowly fading and it will turn into a simple "hey i got a replacement". Especially since I have seen others (including myself- did not buy) just walk into an apple store and get one. Granted that might be "at the right place at the right time" thing.

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Ya I feel the exact same way... Super frustrating to almost wait two weeks for this phone when some people are walking in and getting it. I really don't feel to pumped a out it being a 5S anymore or whatever that feeling is suppose to feel like lol @jdafonte2000. And thanks for the words of encouragement @pele2112 you do the same until we get word on these phones.
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

I ordered my gold 16 gb on the 20th and have the sim card "processing" and the phone "preparing to ship".  I originally ordered at 3:01 a.m., got confirmation at 3:04,  and then it somehow got cancelled around 11:30 that morning. 


Unfortunately, we cannot process your order because you have either upgraded your device/service in the last 24 hours or have upgraded your device/service more than 4 times within the last 12 months.

This was total bunk because my contract expired in August and I have been waiting for the new Iphone.  When I called Customer Service, they couldn't explain it or do anything about it.  I ended up re-ordering the phone 5 times after that. Every time I ordered, got the confirmation number, it would cancel two minutes later.  Used different credit cards and everything.  Called after every cancellation and finally was told I would just have to go to an AT&T store to order.  My delivery went from 7 days to Oct 21-30.  I was so ticked I almost cancelled. Smiley Frustrated

Now I just sit and wait and hope you all are right and it might actually come sooner.


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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

I ordered on the 24th at 12 pm. I would call every day and it would say that my product is currently backordered. I called in today and it said that its being processed... Online it says preparing to ship and estimated 11/1-11/21
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

@vanessalala8473 I ordered a gold 32G at 7:30am california time and received my phone on Monday.  I ordered it via the customer service phone center because of upgrade eligibility issues.  And I was initially told that it was going to ship 9/25-9/27, then it changed to 10/21-10/30.  But phone ended up shipping on 9/28.
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

@perfectshangel thanks so much for the reply! When do you think I will get mine? 

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Ugh... Another disappointing day... 😓
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

I'm getting frustrated it's 10/2 & still no progress on my order! AT&T is slacking but I will keep hope I see my iPhone this week.
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Hey Guys,


Been watching this thread for a long time since ordering my iphone IN ATT STORE on the 9/28.


My status hadn't changed from the moment I checked it after I walked out of the store to today (10/2) at 10PM (PST)

My status was: Various Sim Processing and iPhone 5s 16B Space Gray Preparing for shipment.


Now today I made 5 phone calls to att customer service and 3 online support chats.

I decided to cancel the order because every Apple store within 20 miles of me had the friggin phone I wanted in stock.

But when I tried to reserve pick up online at the closest one, it said it couldn't do the upgarde because it was techinically already used when I initiated it in the store.


So I call to cancel, the girl says "completes" it and she tells me that I should be able to order on apple within 5 minutes if not immediately.  2 hours later, still cant.

I call back, this girl buts me on hold about 5 times but actually was getting info, I'd like to think...she looks it up and concludes she cant cancel it because the phone is already in "WHM" status which is something to do with the wherehouse processing.


Then at 10 tonight, I check the this link:


AND BAM!  both shipped TODAY! 10/2


Unfortunately the tracking numbers they provided arent even in the UPS system yet hahah.

And I have no idea where this it's coming from (if anyone could let me know that would be great)

But at least it shipped and there was FINALLY a change in my order status.


Hope this helps anyone in this situation.

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

wow that's awesome I ordered mine on the 27th and I have an est date of 11/26 guess I will be surprised for the holidays :0
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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

mine is expected to be shipped the 26th of novemeber and despite the holidays coming up and att incomptent reps giving out wrong info i may have to wait longer to recieve!!! im getting frustrated!!!


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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

Well I lucked out! I called a local apple store yesterday morning. They rep said that they are only selling the 5S online via purchase online for in store pickup and are not taking walk-ins. That is bull! I told them that's not possible because I upgraded already. The rep got a manager and the manager was able to HOLD the device for me till the end of day. That being said, I drove right to the store. And took care of the exchange. Sweet!

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Re: Official Iphone 5s order status thread

@jross - The frustrations you had with Customer Service is the exact reason why I didn't try to cancel my order when I was at the Apple store.


@LaBaBaw glad to see I'm not the only one that feels that the appeal of this phone is fading. Stay positive you might get your phone when the iPhone 6 comes out Smiley Happy , Sorry had to...However hopefully you will get an update this week.


@mimi If I had a shipment date that late in Nov like you, I would for sure take my chances at canceling the order then walking into Apple or even ordering from Apple's website. Seems they are shipping them quicker when ordering from them. Chances are you could have your phone before most of us Smiley Happy



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