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Not eligible for NEXT


Not eligible for NEXT

2nd line needs a new phone and is not eligible for an upgrade. We tried to do the AT&T Next program and was told this line was not eligible for that either. I don't understand, I thought the purpose of this program was to get a new phone when you are not eligible for an upgrade. Please help me understand

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Re: Not eligible for NEXT

So is it safe to assume that because I upgraded my phone earlier this year, that I would not be able to take advantage of the NEXT program until after the two years expires?

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Re: Not eligible for NEXT

That is correct lilybug. Smiley Happy

There is also those special exceptions like when new iPhones launch. At least for me (21 months into my contract), it says I'm eligible. So I guess it really depends. Smiley Happy
~Sunshine Smiley Happy
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Former Employee

Re: Not eligible for NEXT

Hey lilybug

Although you are probably not able to take advanatage of ATT Next, you may check your upgrade eligiblity on your account see if/when you become available for partial discount pricing.

Additionally, you offer a trade in programm ( tradein-program.att.com ) and between the partial discount and trade, I've seen many people get close to the 2 year pricing on the phone, although ATT Next is still unavailable.


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