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Nokia Lumia 920 - No incoming text (SMS) messages


Nokia Lumia 920 - No incoming text (SMS) messages

Good afternoon.  Sorry for the long post, but I'm including many details so that people will know the troubleshooting steps already taken.

I have a Nokia Lumia 920 on the ATT $60/month unlimited data prepaid plan.  Since Thursday morning, I have been unable to receive incoming text (SMS) messages.


The text messages I send are received.  I have no problem receiving or making calls. The messages being sent to me are from people with various carriers/providers in various areas of the US.


I have not changed any of my settings, although I do see that the "extras+info" app last updated on 11/28 (the same day my incoming texts stopped coming through). I  bought the phone new approximately two months ago.  I have not dropped the phone or gotten it wet; it is not damaged in any way.


The same problem occurred two weeks ago.  I called AT&T, the CS rep sent me a message, which came through immediately and pushed through the 40+ messages I had not received in the 24 hours prior.  She said it was caused by an AT&T update to towers in the area, so if it happened again to power my phone on/off and it should reset itself.

I have spoken AT&T CS/Tech Support several times since Thursday.  They tried the following troubleshooting steps, to no avail:

Powering phone on/off, resetting phone by pressing volume down + power button, removing and reinserting SIM card, turned wi-fi off/on, turned text messaging back up and group texting off/on, deleting all the text messages in my phone in case one of them was corrupted, sending text message to 151, checked the provisioning and pushed messages to me "over the air" (not received), confirmed that the message center # (beginning with +312) is correct, confirmed that the MMS APN settings are correct. 

AT&T was stumped, gave me a case # and an anticipated resolution date for next Wednesday.  Sigh.

Today I tried two things I read online which worked:  I sent a text message to myself with a pic attached (received), and I came online and emailed a message to my (received). 

So it seems like everything on the phone is working, except incoming SMS messages.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Nokia Lumia 920 - No incoming text (SMS) messages

Sounds like a provisioning problem on AT&T's side.


Any chance you ported your number to AT&T recently?

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