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Nokia Lumia 520 Camera Autofocus Not Working.


Nokia Lumia 520 Camera Autofocus Not Working.

   I have owned the Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone for about 3 Months now.  Every time I take a picture it says "You can take sharper pictures by using auto-focus.  Press the camera button halfway down, and then take a picture."  Well I never noticed anything different when trying to do this and it didn't really bother me, but I did notice my pictures were usually not very sharp.  Well last month my wife also got a Nokia Lumia 520 and I happend to pick it up last week to take a picture and when I tried to autofocus with it a little focus box pops up on the screen and it focuses in very nicely.  So I didn't even realize up to that point that my camera is in some way broken.  It has never autofocused properly and I just didn't know it because I had never seen it work before.  It works great on my wife's phone, every time.  So what do I do?  I've looked for any sort of option to turn it on but with no luck.  I'm thinking the phone is just defective.  Who do I contact to Fix it and will I be able to get a replacement even though i've owned it for 3 months?  Any info on this would be appreciated.  


Thank you,

-Dustin M.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 Camera Autofocus Not Working.

The warranty is good for 12 months, and it should absolutely work the same as your wife's phone. Sounds like a hardware problem.




(If you have had your phone between 15 - 365 days)

To make a warranty claim after the first 14 days from purchase, contact the Warranty Service Center at 800.801.1101 for further assistance, or check to see if our Device Support Centers can provide you with same-day, face-to-face warranty and technical support."


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