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Nokia Lumia 2520 stock


Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

Has anyone had any luck getting a 2520 from their local att store. If so what colors did they have? None of the local att stores near me have any in stock.
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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

Hello, odnad!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear your local stores are all sold out of this particular device. Have you checked online? You could always order it and have it delivered, or you can check store availability and keep an eye out for new shipments.


To order your device or check in-store availability, click on the link below.


Nokia 2520


Let me know if this helps!



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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

I can order online but only in black nobody seems to list any other color.
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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

that want work. i was on the phone and online all day yesterday trying to get the 2520 tablet and the 1520 phone. talked to at least 9 people and chatted with two more. at times items went in cart, cecked out with my card and still no items. two reps. tried to push other items on me and one offered the tablet for freee but came back on the phone and siad they don't have any. We are rethinking our possibilities. 

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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

Another option is to order from the Microsoft store but they also only have black and out of stock. The other issue is I have to purchase one on or before Dec 2 to get the free keyboard and cover from Nokia.
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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

They vary day by day. I picked one up in the only store that had them between Seattle and Portland on Friday and am mailing in my paperwork for the free keyboard today. Be warned that the apps are still being worked on it seems. I had 29 and 28 updates the last two days and some of the Nokia aps for phortos and videpo are startoing to be partly complete.

You have to buy one by today to qualify for the free keyboard. Check by zip code on ATT to see which stores have the 2520. I added the tablet to my sghare plan at the store and that part has worked fine.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

Yes, I got one along with the 1520 phone.   I got both in black.  However, I don't know what colors they had available, as black is what I asked for.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

I did order one online back in November to be eligible for the cover/keyboard. I have received the 2520. You can only get it in black from att. Did the paperwork for the keyboard and have not heard anything. It said up to 6 weeks which would be next week. I do love it
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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

i made the mistake of ordering 2 tablets 2520.  they are five days late shipping it from the delvery date.  the salesman told it'll take five days to get. as i suspect it its been 8 days and still hadn't shipped. shopping from att is like shopping for a car.  the salesmen are like car sleazy car salesmen.


reading this thread now i fear tll take weeks to get them. thanks att for screwing me with sub-par-att signal and now this.  i am going to have my kids call you so you can explain to them why their gifts are not here yet. 


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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

here is the reason why they are late. Is att shipping to the NSA??? sonthe can add spyware!

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Re: Nokia Lumia 2520 stock

How convenient is this one sided policy ??  I think this is just ATT business strategy to avoid many cancellations since they know most order will be late by weeks:


Amzon lts you cancel the an order at anytime!.... why cant ATT dothe same ??



Change or cancel an order

We're sorry, but because we begin processing your order as soon as we receive it, you can't change or cancel the order. However, after placing your order online or over the phone, you can:

  • Refuse the delivery of your shipment.
  • Return the purchase using the return label and instructions that are included with all shipments.
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