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Nokia 920 error: c00d36c4


Nokia 920 error: c00d36c4

I've been experiencing a frustrating problem I can't seem to find a solution to.  When listening to podcasts downloaded directly from Microsoft, I often get the following message:


Sorry, we can't play this file on your phone.

Error code: c00d36c4


I've done a pretty thorough web search and found nothing helpful except for the fact that others are having the same issue.


Anyone have any insight?  Thanks!

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Re: Nokia 920 error: c00d36c4

"The video or audio codec is not supported, or one of the streams in a video file is corrupted."


Can you give me the URL to any of the podcasts that are failing?


And, can you (oh, I hate to say this...) power off and then power on your 920 and see if that helps? Because, sadly even in 2013, on a phone, a clean reboot does fix some things. I know... it's just sad. Just this morning I rebooted my iPhone because it would not download new podcasts. And right after reboot? Worked. Yeah.



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Re: Nokia 920 error: c00d36c4

Thanks for the reply, John.


I have tried rebooting a number of times with varying results.  Sometimes it doesn't have any impact.  Sometimes things work correctly for a day or two and then the issue returns.  Sometimes it fixes things for a week or so.


The error appears on all my podcasts (listed below) at one time or another.  Often one or two will work fine (the titles will vary in this scenario) while the others don't, and eventually none work.  If I clean up by deleting files and download again, they'll work for a bit, and then begin to fail in no particluar order.  If there's a pattern, I haven't been able to discern it.  Also, BTW, everything worked great for the first 3-4 months.  Then, it didn't.  I've perused MS, Nokia, and AT&T-related boards with no luck, though there are other mentions of the issue with no stated solution, particularly on MS sites.


I download the podcasts I listen to from the pre-installed "Store" app that came with the phone. I'm not very technical (not as technical as I should be, anyway) and don't know how to determine the URL via that method.  For grins, here's the list:


The Bugle

The Moth

Selected Shorts

This American Life

WNYC's Radiolab


Thanks again!

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Re: Nokia 920 error: c00d36c4

Hm... if the same podcast fails but works after a reboot, sometimes, then it's not likely you will be able to do anything to "fix" this.


Sometime soon, we should be getting a firmware update - perhaps this will be fixed then


I did verfiy that I could download and play a podcast from your list (this american life) but that doesn't help you much Smiley Happy

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Re: Nokia 920 error: c00d36c4

I saw this error a ton of times while I was on a trip to AZ (where I was using a lot of hotspots, etc.).  I never see it when the phone downloads the podcasts from the home wifi.


My guess in my case is that the downloads were corrupted and that the resulting files were unplayable. 


I really wish that MS would actually provide a useful error in this case (i.e. the error text instead or in addition to the code).  This type of thing is an example of how every once in awhile MS still doesn't get it.  Cryptic error codes might have been cool in 1995, but they are not so cool now.


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