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Nokia 920 Battery Drain and Photos


Nokia 920 Battery Drain and Photos

I have a Nokia 920 (since September 2013) and have noticed significant battery draining issues recently.  As this is my company phone, I have even had it replaced with little to no improved.  Typically I charge (and have tried different and even new chargers) overnight, have a full 100% when I leave for work, and then it drains down to 20-30% by mid-afternoon.  I have read all the battery saving ideas and have tried those.  My question is about photos.  I recently (couple months ago) took lots of photos on vacation.  I saved the pics to SkyDrive and have lots in the Mobil Uploads folder and the Saved Pictures folder.  Are those draining my battery?  I have the photos set to shuffle as well.  I like seeing the various photos but need my battery to last as well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Nokia 920 Battery Drain and Photos

Probably not the photos. They only sync once.


When you have that kind of battery drain its usually because some process is running/stuck, OR the GPS is constantly on.


Which apps are running in the background?

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Re: Nokia 920 Battery Drain and Photos

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Re: Nokia 920 Battery Drain and Photos

@Sooner_Blue , did you recently do any software updates?

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Re: Nokia 920 Battery Drain and Photos

I have a 925 my third one and I go from 100% to 20 % in 14 hours with everything turned off and all background apps blocked  and the phone is idle the entire 14 hours  something is wrong with these Luminas

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Re: Nokia 920 Battery Drain and Photos

The Lumia 1520 will run for 2-3 days of heavy use without charging. Those 92x phones are terrible with battery.

I think for the 1520 it a combination of the new processor efficiency and the battery size.
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Re: Nokia 920 Battery Drain and Photos

I just switched to a 1020  we will see what happens with this one

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