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Nokia 1520 Video Recording Stutter or Pausing


Nokia 1520 Video Recording Stutter or Pausing

Has anyone experienced where while recording video from the 1520, there is a brief (between .5 t0 1 second) pause at times?


I've noticed it happens most when recording to SD card even though I have a class 10 card which I have used with other phones to record 1080p with no problems.  BUT you can see this happening even when recording to the phone's storage though not as frequently and not as apparent.


Also this happens more in Nokia's camera app than the Windows phone camera app.


I have tested using 1080p, 720p, and varying frame rates, this pause or stutter will happen in any of those.


But the thing I don't understand is that given the excellent hardware specs of this phone, this should not be happening!  My dual core Samsung Galaxy S3 had smoother video than this.  My iphones that I had in the past had smoother video recording than this.


When I use the Sandisk Extreme Plus which is supposed to be even faster than the ultras, it seems like the problem has not shown up, of course these are more expensive and my 16GB Extreme Plus will not hold as much media as my 64GB Ultra.  Again, if other phones which used the Ultra can record smoothly, what is wrong with Nokia?  I believe it is software related, and hope Microsoft or Nokia can fix this because it is so annoying.

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Re: Nokia 1520 Video Recording Stutter or Pausing



Record video to phone memory, not your microSD card

In the same fashion that external storage on your PC is slower and less reliable than your onboard hard drive, memory cards can vary in speeds and reliability. Photographers often run into this challenge when trying to shoot high quality HD video on DSLR cameras. Sometimes the memory card just can’t keep up.

Nokia Lumia 1520 is capable of capturing amazing video in 720p and 1080p resolution, and to ensure the very best experience, we recommend recording video straight to the onboard phone memory. If you’d rather record the video to microSD, it’s important to use a high-quality brand name memory card.

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Re: Nokia 1520 Video Recording Stutter or Pausing

Why should we record to the smaller internal memory when there is an SD card slot to expand the storage and allow longer recording?  The Sandisk Ultra card I used worked well with my Android phones and the Nokia's recording bitrate is not that much more different than those.  Even recording at 720p caused stuttering using the Sandisk Ultra card.  This should not be happening and is obviously a problem with either this phone or the Windows phone platform.  The same Sandisk Ultra card exhibits no recording problems with my Sony NEX-3N APS-C digital camera at full 1080p recording.  I had to use a $30 16GB Sandisk Extreme Plus microsd card in order to get smooth recording (so far that is).  A 32GB Ultra cost less than that.


My point is, most people will want to use the external SD card to save their photos, video, and music while reserving the onboard storage for apps.  And get this, on occasion during testing, there was stuttering even using the onboard storage.  Nokia and Microsoft need to make more updates to the software before the 1520 is a real contendor with iOS and Android.

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