No service when power went down yesterday


No service when power went down yesterday

AT&T let me down big time yesterday.  We had a bad ice storm in South Carolina that took power out for about 12 hours in my area.  You would think AT&T's tower would have a back up generator but apparently they do not.  I lost service during that power outage.  I had no ability to make calls or use the internet for most of that 12 hour outage.  My neighbors all had Verizon and they were working fine.  I have been with AT&T since 2007 and I'm so frustrated over this I will probably switch when my contract is over. 


I'm just wondering if this is common that A&T does not use back generators for their towers?

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Re: No service when power went down yesterday

I just got through the same storm but I didn't lose power or cell service -- I'm in Atlanta.  I don't know about the generators at the cell towers.  There may be other reasons why cell service went down.


Have you had trouble with coverage in rural areas -- where their map says there should be coverage and there's none at all?  I started a thread about this ("Problem Connecting in 2G Areas") and I still haven't gotten the answers I'm looking for.


I just switched from Verizon and, in spite of the problems I've had in rural areas, I like AT&T's network service much more than Verizon's.

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Re: No service when power went down yesterday

The coverage where I go in SC has been fine.  I don't get more than 2/3 bars at home though, but Verizon is the same.  We also have AT&T land line service in my neighborhood and the traditional phone lines are still not working even though power was restored in our area.  The neighbors called AT&T and they said they have no power at the station and there is no backup generator there!


I am in the Summerville area of SC and it's not rural.  They clearly don't have the infrastructure when a power failure happens. 



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