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No Data When on 4G


No Data When on 4G

Hello, for the past few months at my job, I have been having a strange issue with data speeds.  Randomly throughout the day while at my desk, my connection will change between a 2-3 bar LTE signal and a 2-4 bar 4G signal. 


When on LTE, I receive great speeds, usually around 15-20 megabit down, 5-7 Up. 
However, when the signal switches to 4G, my speeds plummet to next to nothing.


I took a few screenshots to show my results:  My Speeds


I have contacted AT&T support on multiple occasions, and reported my outages repeatedly with the "Mark the Spot" app.  AT&T support months ago originally told me the tower needed maintenance, and I'd notice an improvement in the following week.  That was not the case, and they have since told me the towers in my area are fine.   I reset my network settings, and found no improvement either.


Also I should note that while I notice this MOST at my desk in my office, I have found the problem occurring around the area as well (maybe 3-5 mile radius).  Perfect speeds on LTE, nothing or next to nothing on 4G. 


Does anyone have any suggestions or perhaps a similar experience?



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