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No 4 Digit Pin

No 4 Digit Pin

i didn't receive a 4 digit pin for my new prepaid plan 

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Re: No 4 Digit Pin

found out how to get the pin thank you.

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Re: No 4 Digit Pin

How did you find your pin?  I'm having all sorts of trouble just trying to set up my account. So far, ATT support has sucked big time.  I've been bounced around, live chatted, etc and no one can help me.  I get sent links that don't work because my number is not recognized.   Which is crazy to me because the transfer of my number has been confirmed. 



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Re: AT&T Service

AT&T wiresless paygo sucks!!! I will never buy another phone from them nor would i recomend there service to anyone.. they have been nothing but rude, they have not helped me not one bit.. my cell phone was stolen so i called and asked what all could i do? the only thing AT&T told me was them could help me by turning my service off. I said cant you GPS it and tell me where it's at? they said no. I asked if there was any outgoing calls made from my phone? they said yes, so i asked for the numbers that my phone had called and they told me they coul'nt give me those numbers even though i m the one that owns the phone and pays the bill. they said if i give them the four digit code that they has sent me via text message then they could so i asked them how am i gonna recive the text if i don't have the phone? they said i had to go buy a phone. So i wish i could be them cuz last time i check money does not grow on trees. THE AT&T WEBSITE IS FOR POSTPAID COUSTOMRS ONLY!!!

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Re: AT&T Service

Hello The BRAT,


I'm sorry you had some negative experiences with your service and customer care. Everything they do in cases like this is for our customers security and your own protection, which AT&T takes very seriously. I understand your frustration with those measures, and I apologize, they can be inconvenient, but they're necessarily to ensure the highest level of security for our customers.


Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything we can do for you.


Thank you,


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Re: AT&T Service

So its AT&T's fault your phone was stolen? Also did you know you can log into your online account and see what numbers are being called from your phone? Yes there are limitations to GoPhone but that is why we pay so little to use the service. Also the website is not only for post paid, 


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