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New to AT&T and I want to sell my new phone


New to AT&T and I want to sell my new phone

I kind of have a complex issue. Hopefully you guys can help me out. Can't seem to find a direct answer to this anywhere online.


So, I'm currently a Verizon customer with an iPhone 4. I'm being kicked off my Dad's family plan so I'm getting my own individual plan and I decided to switch to AT&T. My friend sold me his AT&T iPhone 4s so I plan to do use that as the phone when I switch over. However, I purchased an iPhone 5s at the upgrade price on so I can sell because I could really use the extra cash at the moment.


So my question is, what is the process involved when selling an AT&T iPhone? I know it's a little different because of the sim cards. I've heard that you have activate the new phone first. So if I do that, then deacrivate it so I can use my 4s, do I leave the sim card in the 5s and sell it? Or do I sell it without a sim card?



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Re: New to AT&T and I want to sell my new phone

You must use the SIM card it arrived with (which is already inside the phone) yes. This is a security mechanism put in place by Apple to prevent theft in the past. You don't really have to deactivate it but you would just need a correct SIM for the iPhone 4S which can be provided at any AT&T corporate store, free of charge.

A few additional details is that the iPhone is LOCKED to the AT&T network. That means the person who purchases it will only be able to use it on AT&T. You do not sell the device with the SIM, the card is used to authenticate you on the network (and you don't need surprise charges, trust me Smiley Tongue), so definitely without the SIM card.

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