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New phone.

New phone.

I am on my mothers galaxy so pardon my grammar.

I hate touchscreens for texting, it takes forever, its almost impossible and it beats the purpose of it.

I am looking for a phone that is the best for texting and has a physical keyboard.  

A phone that could also go on pandora and other music sites and possibly youtube and that means a touchscreen to be able to do that.  I also need a phone that has loud volume, the galaxy's isnt the best, it seems too low for enjoyment, atleast with these headphones.

I need a phone for music and texting. a phone where I could listen to music without transfering files since my laptop is broken. The iphone maybe but there isnt a keyboard.  The galaxy is good but doesnt have a keyboard which I nees because just typing this is taking forever.

I hope I get replies and this is in the right section because I cant repost this :/

I needa phone for texting, some web browsing and loud music.

could anyone help and give me ideas with reviews?



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Re: New phone.

An iPhone does seem nice, however I have looked at multiple reviews about the iphone 5 vs Galaxy 4 and they said it was better because you could do more, the speed, the screen size, etc. It makes more sense to get a Galaxy based on the reviews. Getting a iPod with wifi and a touchscreen also makes more sense if the laptop isn't fixed, because then I would have at least wifi access some places to download free music via the browser and Pandora.
Getting an MP3 would be pointless if I don't have a laptop. I could maybe get on the school computers.
Maybe my mother could get a good deal and get data for my phone. However a smartphone and an iPod would cost more than it would to get the laptop fixed.
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Re: New phone.

I have an LG Xpression and I really like it.  It has a full physical QWERTY slide out keyboard and it's great for texting on.  I like using it more than an iPhone for typing.  I have a third generation iPod Touch and the keyboard is a bit cramped.  The iPod Touch is good for listening to music, though.  The iPod also does not require a data plan, if you are someone who does not want or need a data plan.  

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