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New battery or phone gone?


New battery or phone gone?

I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy s4 in water last night. I dried it out for 24 hours and when I first started it back up a few minutes ago, nothing happend. Then I plugged it in and the battery seemed beyond dead as a battery indicator came on when I plugged it in. Now, it won't even charge. I inspected the battery and there is a red light of sorts on it. Does this mean the battery is too far gone to be saved? And if it cannot be saved, can i go to my local AT&T store to get a new one??? Please help as this is my only source of anyone contacting or otherwise. Thank you!! Rachel

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Re: New battery or phone gone?

It's more likely that the phone itself has had some kind of short/damage due to being in the water. You can try swapping out the battery, but my guess is you're looking at needing to replace the phone itself.


Water damage isn't covered under warranty. Do you have insurance on the phone?

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