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New HTC One real help from AT&T


New HTC One real help from AT&T

I had a HTC One that I bought in August last year. Yesterday morning while checking Facebook, using apps, etc. The screen just went black and it froze up. The two buttons were lit up and blinked about five times, so I tried to restart it and pressed buttons trying to get a response from the phone. The phone shut off and all the lights turned off even though it was still on charge...Well I went to AT&T store in St. Clairsville, OH and the people there were great and they did what they could with trying to troubleshoot and everything. They gave me a number for insurance and warranty claims and told me it might be easier to try the chat first. So I chatted with someone on the customer care site and after troubleshooting again, they eventually gave me another number to call for warranty claims. I called that number and the woman told me I wasn't eligible for a warranty. Even though my phone wasn't even a year old and didn't have any damage to it. So she was going to help me file an insurance claim but it would be a $200 deductible. I have never been so furious in all my life!! I paid $200 for this phone when I got it new, now you want me to pay that same amount even though I've been paying a monthly insurance fee for the past couple years? It makes no sense at all!! I told her I wasn't paying another $200 for a new phone. The whole point of signing a 2 year contract was to get the phone at a discount totally defeats the purpose of the insurance to charge me the same price for the phone when it messes up. So I contacted HTC and they are now taking care of thanks to you or your support team. I'm now sending it back to HTC so they can fix or replace it.

I can't believe that you have an insurance policy for phones that charges a deductible the equivalent of the actual price of the phone. And then even if I did decide I was happy getting screwed over and paid you the 200 and sent my phone in, then I'm still without a phone until it's is that right? I have insurance on my car. So if I get into a wreck and it needs repaired:

1. I don't pay a deductible the equivalent of the value of the car.

2. I get a car to use in the meantime while the car gets fixed.

3. If that car is under warranty, most of the repairs are free if they aren't caused by an accident of some sort.

You guys need to fix your insurance plan and until you do, there's no sense in me keeping it and wasting $240 every year on something that doesn't even matter. How much simpler would it have been for your store to take my broken phone and send it out for repairs or replacement and offer a temporary phone in the meantime? That's all that needed done. Or just simply sending mine back to HTC and giving me a replacement, since your store has my phone in stock. I am so upset over how this was handled. I have filled out surveys and there's no way I would recommend AT&T after all of the trouble I've been through. You guys will be lucky if I ever have one good word to say about you after this. You could have at least offered some sort of compensation for all the trouble...but no you didn't. So now I have to pay for shipping to send back the lemon of a phone that you sold me to HTC. Thanks a lot! At least when my wife's Iphone messed up they didn't charge shipping and gave her money to spend on the apple store. Even when we were dealing with AT&T customer service for her phone we had trouble though...she got transferred about a dozen times and played the troubleshoot game every time until I finally told her to speak to a manager.

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Re: New HTC One real help from AT&T

200 dollars may be what you paid for the phone but that is not the price of the phone itself. The htc one price is 599.99. 


I just did an insurance claim on my father's lg optimus g. Paying the deductibile is much better than paying for over 400 dollars for a replacement phone. Plus the insurance replacement phone also comes with a 1 year warranty as well. 


Some people love the insurance, others hate it, but that's the way it is unfortunately. 


You can always remove the phone insurance and set the savings aside in case something happens to the phone. If i would have done that, I would have plenty of cash for the replacement phone as it's my first insurance claim in over 4 years across 5 lines that are insured. 

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